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2010-02-20 10:10:35 by superaverage12

so uh, i finished that colage thing, it turned out bad, now im bored.

Newgrounds collage

2009-07-15 12:37:07 by superaverage12

Hey guys I'm making a collage of various newgrounds.... elements... so anyway all I have is the tankman and the angry face that says "you're banned!" I've come to dislike that guy... anyway what else should I put in there? Pico? or something?

New software!

2009-07-12 14:21:48 by superaverage12

I just discovered I had Paint Shop pro 9 (haha), so expect to see some new art up sometime. I also got some new music studio software, but I don't have any recording software for the time being, so I can't really upload my "masterpieces" for now. So anyway, check out the art!